Friday, January 7, 2011

"Gingerbreads" trailer for PVB's "Nutcracker"..... (23 mins)

The "Gingerbreads" trailer for Fuzzy's latest work-in-progress, the upcoming DVDs of Pioneer Valley Ballet's "Nutcracker" performances, staged at the Academy of Music last month. The opening three-minute montage highlights some of the many iconic moments of this season's luscious production ~ the 35th "Nutcracker" staged by PVB.

(For those of you wondering why the 'Gingerbreads' segment is shown six times: different children played the these parts in various performances, so this is everyone's chance to see their own special Gingerbread, or how their own performance will appear in the final video.)

The finished DVDs of each complete performance, together with a special/bonus "Behind-The-Scenes" documentary, are available from Pioneer Valley Ballet (413-527-6363), $25 each.

Duration of trailer: 23 minutes.

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