Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Painting My Dreams" (Two extracts: 5 minutes & 15 minutes)

"Painting My Dreams" extract #1 (5 mins)

A short 'sampler' (see below for a more comprehensive extract) of a programme Fuzzy made for local Public Access TV stations, featuring the Riverside Art Workshop project with Steve, a disabled artist, and Michelle, an able-bodied artist, working together (each completing the other's canvas, in turn).

The collaboration between the two local artists was arranged by Denise Herzog of the Riverside Art Workshop. One of the paintings produced over the three days that the two artists worked together was auctioned off at the "Best Buddies" fundraiser at the City Stage in Springfield, October, 2008, and the other paintings were auctioned at subsequent fundraisers for the Riverside Arts Workshop.

"Painting My Dreams" extract #2 (15 mins)

A longer extract for those who wish to see more of the finished programme.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trailer for Fuzzy's programme on this year's Easthampton fireworks (20 mins)

This is a trailer for one of Fuzzy's current works-in-progress, a documentary of the revived Easthampton fireworks. This clip shows the entire spectacle and features the band Cottonwood.

Duration of clip: 20 minutes.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disturbed Theatre's "Swagfest" sketch at the Cellar Bar (7 minutes)

A "Golden Oldie" here...
...Highlights of Disturbed Theatre's impromtu "SwagFest"
sketch one night at Easthampton's Cellar Bar, including
audience interviews after-the-event (plus a VERY
entertaining drunk!).

Duration : 7 minutes.

"Damn The Tornado!" all-day band benefit for local victims (5 mins)

A clip from one of Fuzzy's current productions, a documentary for Community Access TV about the all-day "Damn The Tornado!" benefit-gig for local tornado victims held today at The Cellar Bar, Easthampton, featuring an interview with Lisa, the bar's owner, plus one of the numbers performed by Angry Johnny & The Killbillies..

Duration of clip: 5 minutes.

"Damn The Tornado!" all-day band benefit at The Cellar Bar, Easthampton (4 mins)

A clip from one of Fuzzy's current projects, featuring an interview with one of the "Damn The Tornado!" event organisers and band-participants, Monson native Bob "Salvega" Richards.

Duration of clip: 4 minutes.