Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trailer for "Painting My Dreams"......................................... (15 minutes)

"Painting My Dreams" trailer (15 mins)

An extract from one of Fuzzy's jprogrammes for Riverside Industries in Easthampton which will be shown on local TV stations when it is completed.

It features a collaboration between two local artists, Steve and Michelle, arranged by Denise Herzog of Riverside Art Workshop, under the auspices of "Best Buddies" ~ she works on a painting for half-an-hour, while Steve works on his, then they swap canvases and complete eacher other's painting.

One of the paintings produced over the three days of the two artists working together was auctioned off at the "Best Buddies" fundraiser at the City Stage in Springfield, October 2008. The other paintings were slated to be auctioned at upcoming Riverside Arts fundraisers.

Duration : 15 minutes.

Trailer for "Santa Comes To Town" (11 mins)

A seasonal offering from Fuzzy ~ a trailer of my latest programme, "Santa Comes To Town," featuring Santa's visit to the gazebo on Easthampton's rotary, last Friday, to switch on the town's lights (with his magic Faery Dust) and to listen to all the childrens' Xmas wish-lists.

The finished 1-hour programme will be shown on local Public Access stations (hopefully, before Xmas).

Duration : 11 minutes.