Sunday, May 22, 2011

Connecting Easthampton and Northampton: laying the biketrack bridge(10 mins)

This has become topical, again, on account of today's ribbon-cutting ceremony, formally opening the new bridge-section connecting Easthampton's bike-trail with that of Northampton.
This trailer is an extract from one of Fuzzy's works-in-progress ("Connecting Easthampton and Northampton"), which documents the installation of the huge bridge over Route 10, last year, finally connecting the Easthampton Manham Rail Trail with NoHo's bike trail so that bikers (and pedestrians and skateboarders, etc.) can at long last travel safely between the two towns.

Duration of trailer: 10 minutes.

Friday, May 6, 2011

"Green Zone" trailer (5 minutes)

This is a short trailer for one of Fuzzy's current productions, a programme about a talk given recently at Smith College by Barry Sanders about his new book, "The Green Zone ~ The Environmental Costs of Militarism."
Barry tells how individual efforts to save the Earth by recycling, etcetera, are doomed in the context of the U.S. military being far-and-away the greatest polluter of the planet.
The finished programme will be posted on Fuzzy's blog and will be cablecast by local stations such as Easthampton's Channel 5 and Northampton's NCTV.

Duration of clip/trailer: 5 minutes, 40 seconds.