Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Band Day 2008 ~ The MOVIE..!" trailer ~ ~ ~ ~ (12 minutes).

This is the finalised trailer for "Band Day 2008 ~ The MOVIE..!"

For more information and/or to order copies of the DVD, contact us at FuzzyClockProductions@hotmail.com.

(NB : This blog video-quality is far short of the broadcast-quality standard of the finalised DVD.)

This is an impressionistic trailer for Fuzzy's upcoming DVD featuring the recent "Band Day" extravaganza at the University of Massachusetts, when 66 High School bands joined the world-renowned Minuteman Marching Band on the UMass football field at half time ~ over 3,500 performers strutting their stuff after just two hours' or so practice together!

The finished program will be 60 minutes long and the DVD ($20 per copy, or $15 each for orders of 12 or more) will feature the entire half-time performance and the whole of the Minuteman Band's post-game show.

'Bonus' material will include "The View from the Bleachers," "Introducing the Minuteman Band," "Fun Stuff," "In Memory of Walter Chesnut," and extracts from "Band Day 2007."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Painting My Dreams" (Two extracts: 15 minutes & 5 minutes)

"Painting My Dreams" sampler # 2 (15 mins)

An extract from one of Fuzzy's works-in-progress for local TV stations.

The finished programme will feature a collaboration between two local artists, Steve and Michelle, arranged by Denise Herzog of Riverside Art Workshop, under the auspices of "Best Buddies."

One of the paintings produced over the three days of the two artists working together was auctioned off at the "Best Buddies" fundraiser at the City Stage in Springfield, October 23rd, 2008. The other paintings will be auctioned at upcoming fundraisers for the Riverside Arts Workshop.

"Painting My Dreams" sampler # 1 (5 mins)

A shorter 'sampler' (see above for a more comprehensive extract) of another upcoming programme in the "Cottage Street Tales" series my colleague Mary Paris and I are making for local Public Access TV stations.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

7-minute promo ~ Latimer Glass Fusion


This 7-minute promotional video gives a fascinating overview of the "Glass Fusion" process used by local artist Lynn Latimer in her work.

Copies of the DVD will be distributed through art galleries and other outlets where Ms Latimer sells her exclusive and exceptional line of glass panels.

For more information pertaining to Latimer Glass, go to Latimerglass.com.

For more information on promotional videos for your business, contact us at FuzzyClockProductions@hotmail.com.