Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Fire & Ice" trailer (10 minutes)

A ten-minute trailer for the upcoming programme,
"Fire & Ice," covering the recent Easthampton
Valentine's Day Art Walk "Fire & Ice" festival
and featuring pyrotechnic gymnastics and
ice-sculpting with a chainsaw.

This trailer is currently being cablecast by
a number of local Community Access stations,
including Easthampton's Channel 5 (ECAT), and
they will all be showing the finished programme
later in March (2009).

Running-time : 10 minutes


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Gazebo Nights" featuring local band Landsldye, Summer, 2008 (30 minutes)

This was the first of a series of videos we did covering Easthampton's open-air concerts held on the rotary (Pulaski Park) last Summer.

The programme was shot and edited in in June, 2008, and was subsequently cablecast by a number of local Community Access stations.

The music of the local band performing, Landslyde, is a backdrop for an impressionistic presentation of the concert and of the townspeople in the audience (with occasional interviews) and of the town itself.

30 minutes.

If you like 'classic' rock'n'roll and people having a good time in the sunshine, you'll enjoy this!