Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Fuzzy" has been appointed the...................... official videographer of the "BearFestival."

We're pleased to become one of several local "Sponsors-in-Kind" of Easthampton's soon-to-be-famous "Bear Festival."

Check out the two BearFest-related videos ~
"The Bears Are Coming..!" trailer (11 minutes ~ above) which introduces the 35 "pristine" bears and shows a selection of the various artists' competitive submissions which were on display at the Mardi Gras Launch Party in February;
"BearFest Goes to the Parade!" programme (27 minutes ~ below) about the "BearFest" float we took to Holyoke for the St. Patrick's Day parade last week ~ the first Easthampton float for 20 years! The "Performing Bear" is not to be missed...


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"The Last Man on Earth" (38 minutes)

Fuzzy's latest Community Access programme, featuring not only Easthampton's March 2009 Art Walk, "The Last Man on Earth," but also the ongoing two-sculptor exhibition at the Nashawannuck gallery, "Lost and Found."

The progamme includes interviews with the sculptors (John Landino and Matt Johnson) about their respective work, and interviews with exhibition audience-members and various spectators of the unique and moving street-theatre performance, "The Last Man on Earth."

It is being cablecast by Easthampton, Northampton and Amherst Community Access stations during April.

Duration : 38 minutes

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

"BearFest Goes To The Parade!" (27 minutes)

Coverage of the Bear Festival float in March's Holyoke St Patrick's Day parade ~ the first float from Easthampton to take part in 20 years!

Already showing on Channel 5, copies of the programme will be given to other local Community Access stations for cablecasting, also.

It gives a good 'feel' for the annual parade, plus you get to see the first of the completed Festival bears, "Paddy O'Bearden," and it's clear why our 'Performing Bear' was such a resounding success on the day.

Duration : 27 minutes.