Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jayne & Terry "In Your Dreams" and Ryan & Seth "Walk Katie Home" (7 mins)

A couple of songs which will feature in an upcoming Fuzzy "Art Walk" programme for local Community Access TV stations.
(1) "In Your Dreams" featuring Jayne & Terry, from Jayne's CD, "A Lot Like Life";
(2) "Walk Katie Home" featuring Ryan & Seth, which features on Seth's latest album.

Check out Jayne's "A Lot Like Life" book/CD: CyberSnoopin.com
Check out Terry's artwork: TerryRooneyArt.com
Check out Ryan/Seth's music: MySpace.com/RyanHommel & SethGlier.com

Duration of clip; 7 minutes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Trailer: "Connecting Easthampton & Northhampton" (10 mins)

An extract from one of Fuzzy's latest works-in-progress ("Connecting Easthampton and Northampton"), which documents the installation of the huge bridge over Route 10, last weekend, which finally connects the Easthampton Manham Rail Trail with NoHo's bike trail so that bikers (and pedestrians and skateboarders, etc.) can travel safely between the two towns, at long last.

Duration of trailer: 10 minutes.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rock Fort Rock from "The Pangeans' New Year's Party" (8 mins)

An extract from one of Fuzzy's Community Access TV
music programmes,
"The Pangeans' New Year's Party,"
featuring the classic "One World" band performing
their opening number, "Rock Fort Rock" ~ made all
the more lively by NoHo's New Year's Day fireworks.

Running time : 8 minutes.

"Trinidad" ("The Pangeans' New Year's Party") ~ 4 mins

Another extract from one of Fuzzy's music videos for local Community Access TV,
"The Pangeans' New Year's Party," featuring the classic
"One World" band playing one of their original numbers, "Trinidad."

Running time : 4 minutes.

The Pangeans' "Watermelon Man" (9 mins)

Another extract from one of Fuzzy's music programme for local cable TV, "The Pangeans' New Year's Party," which was recorded at NoHo's Center for the Arts as part of the town's "First Night" extravaganza (New Year's Eve, 2009/2010).
This song is "Watermelon Man," given the Pangeans' unique "One-World Band" treatment, with a bonus sequence at the end of Noho's "Midnight Ball-Dropping" (which is actually a midnight ball-RAISING).

Duration : 9 minutes.

The Pangeans' "The Cost of Love" (from "The New Year's Party" ~ 10 minutes)

Another clip from an earlier Fuzzy music video, "The Pangeans' New Year's Party," featuring one of the Pangeans' original numbers, "The Cost of Love."

Duration : 10 minutes.http://fuzzyclockvideo.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WMGC "Retrofit" Charrette (Trailer ~ 7 mins)

The trailer for the Community Access TV programme I'm doing of WMGC's Charrette get-together last weekend at Sean's "zero-energy" model home. The trailer includes clips from a couple of interviews and some of Sean's "tour-of-the-model-home" schtick, plus the barbie and some of the "I love bacon!" riff.

This trailer which will be shown on various local Community Access TV stations over the coming weeks, and the finished programme will be shown later in the month.

Duration of trailer: 7 minutes.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trailer for "Matt Johnson, Sculpting 'Icebreaker'." (15 mins)

The exciting trailer for one of Fuzzy's projects for local cable
stations, "Matt Johnson, Sculpting 'Icebreaker'."
The finished [60-minute] programme shows the process of
"assemblage" of the 'Icebreadker' sculpture from collecting
'found' metals, through spectacular smelting-and-welding,
to twisting the component parts into the finished piece,
and was shown on Community Access stations in
Amherst (ACTV), Deerfield (Pioneer CATV), Easthampton (ECAT)
and Northampton (NCTV)

Duration : 15 minutes.


Latimer Glass Promo (7 mins)

A promotional video which gives a fascinating overview of
the "Glass Fusion" process used by local artist Lynn Latimer
in her work.

Copies of the DVD were distributed through art galleries and
other outlets where Ms Latimer sells her exclusive and
exceptional line of glass panels.

For more information pertaining to Latimer Glass, go to:

For more information on promotional videos for your business,
contact Fuzzy at: FuzzyClockProductions@hotmail.com.

Duration of promo: 7 minutes


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trailer for Immaculate Conception's Commemorative DVD (5 mins)

This is a short overview of a recent Fuzzy production, the 2-disk three-and-a-half-hour Commemorative DVD for Immaculate Conception parish, which merged with Sacred Heart and Notre Dame on 1st July, 2010, to form a new parish, Our Lady of the Valley.

Duration of clip: 5 minutes.