Thursday, July 7, 2011

Opening sequence (& hot-air balloon sequence) to Fuzzy's "Easthampton's RESURRECTED Fireworks..!" (6 mins)

These two clips are the opening sequence of the recently-completed Fuzzy project ("Easthampton's RESURRECTED Fireworks..!") for ECAT/Channel 5, plus a bonus hot-air balloon segment. The introduction sets the context for the "Easthampton Spirit" firework-festival revival (and includes some fireworks). The finished programme (50 minutes) about the Festival will be shown on Channel 5 over the coming weeks, and includes shots of rock-climbing, biking stunts and numbers by The Bistro Boys, Cottonwood, and The Lynyrd Skynyrd Experience as well as a whole bunch of fireworks and extensive footage of some of the thousands of people who spent the the day at the Festival.

Duration of 'Opening-sequence' clip: 6 minutes.

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