Thursday, March 10, 2011

Worldwide Candlelight Vigil for the Children (Trailer, 17 mins)

This is the trailer for Fuzzy's current project, a documentary about the annual Worldwide Candlelight Vigil for the Children organized by the Compassionate Friends, and about the Pascommuck Trust which commissioned and installed Easthampton's Xmas Box Angel. The programme features interviews with the organizers and with bereaved parents.

I have to get this finished and burned onto DVD tomorrow (Labor Day) so's I can drop the programme in to ECAT/Channel 5 so's they can cablecast it in time to promote the 10th Anniversary Vigil, which will be held at the Xmas Box Angel memorial on Sunday, 17th September.

Duration of clip : 17 minutes.

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M.T. said...

That was lovely and very tastefully done.